Thursday, 28 July 2011

Hollywood Babble On & On #773: QUESTIONS & ANSWERS!

I got two questions from a reader, and I'm going to bluster and fake my way through them...
ILDC asked... Where do you get your info/research? Are you experienced or just have common sense?
When it comes to experience and common sense, I like to think that I have a little of both. As for experience I'm a film school graduate and spent some time scurrying along the outer fringes of Canadian film-making. I did score a TV appearance as a holocaust survivor in a documentary's reenactment scene, which is ironic since I'm the last person you'd ever imagine being cast in that part*, but it worked because all they used was my shadow. Other than that I spent most of my time being told that the only way to beyond fetching coffee in the Canadian TV and Film industry was to already be in a senior position in the Canadian TV and Film industry. And they wonder why our business is mostly stagnant.

And that's why I vent my bitterness and bile on this blog.

As for the common sense I suspect that I was born with it, and it's sort of this blog's mission, beyond my own bitterness and bile, is to get other people to use their common sense when thinking about the business.

As for the research.... some of it I was taught in film school, I was the only one who paid attention in the Business of Film class, and a lot of it I learned on my own through reading books about the business, and business news websites like Nikki Finke's Deadline Hollywood are great sources not only for research, but also up to date news.
ILDC asked... Do you think My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic can be the next SpongeBob and make a huge profit off of both kid and adult fans? I'm only asking you this because you posted a brony mashup video.
I really can't judge, because all I know about the show are the mash up videos like this extremely offensive and NSFW video (h/t Topless Robot)...

If it can go beyond mash-up material to Spongebob levels of mainstream success I can't really say.

*that's code for "Fat Bastard."


  1. Oh, and I think it should noted that "bronies" seem to genuinely love the show, not just for the irony and the fan porn. The Wikipedia article is a good place to start knowing what I'm talking about.