Thursday, 7 July 2011

Hollywood Babble On & On #761: I Guess It Wasn't Worth It After All

Is this a time for me to gloat?

Remember a while back, a bunch studios had hooked up for a bold new plan. That plan was to screw over theater owners by cutting down the "release window" between theatrical and home video through a new Premium VOD service, where you, the consumer, paid them $29.99 to get a 48 hour window to watch a film that was recently in theaters, and not yet out on any other home video venue.

I asked if it was worth it. This was a question that needed to be asked, for both the consumer, because it offered very little for the price, as well the companies involved, because it was going to cause them a Charlie Sheen amount of hassle with the theater owners who were plotting various forms of vengeance.

Well, it seems that someone else has started asking that question, because a report's come out saying that the whole thing is just going to "fizzle out." Apparently the studios are as underwhelmed as the consumers with the whole thing.

Does this mean I was proven right, yet again?

My bloated ego says yes!


  1. First of all even if the economy was not in the dumps, BO earnings will still be down. WHY?

    Going to the movies is a hassle.

    Most of the movies out are coming out SUCK.

    let me as you this D, what was and when was the last time you are really excited for film coming out?

    This new service seemed like a good idea for the studios, but many of these movies on their special VOD are the same ones that will be a $1 rental at netflix or Redbox and a few months

  2. All of this is the result of one thing. The STUDIOS are putting out a CRAPPY product.