Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Hollywood Babble On & On #766: Who, What, When, Where & Why?

Just when I think I'm out, Hollywood drags me back in!

I'm talking about that egregious egoist and poster boy for mind bending chemical Charlie Sheen has made an official announcement that he and Lionsgate/Debmar-Mercury will be putting together a new sitcom based on the movie
Anger Management.

Which begs these questions:

WHO WILL RUN THE SHOW? Sheen has managed to establish that he doesn't really play well with others, even those who take them from career oblivion to the highest paid actor on TV. If a sitcom is going to work it's going to need a top of the line show-runner to act as head writer, handle hiring, firing, and creative decisions.

Right now the majority of experienced show-runners who could make the show a going concern wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole that was wrapped in latex and soaked in Purel. And let's not forget that Sheen will have a "substantial ownership stake" in the show, which means that any show-runner will be subservient to a star with a history of erratic behavior and questionable decision making.

This leaves the producers a choice between the desperate or the hopeless. That's not good if you're going to make a successful sitcom.

WHAT ARE THE COSTS FOR THE SHOW? What's is Sheen being paid? Probably a shit-load on top of his ownership stake. What will the insurance cost? Probably an amount similar to the national debt of Greece. What will you pay the rest of the cast? Probably a lot to get them to work with Sheen. Will the costs be worth it? Probably not.

WHEN WILL PRODUCTION START & WILL SHEEN OR THE SHOW SURVIVE IT? The word is that they're going to follow the Debmar-Mercury model used on their Tyler Perry sitcoms. That means shoot a first season along a normal schedule, then, if the ratings look good enough, grind out 100 episodes as fast as they can. Can Sheen survive that sort of schedule? Will the show's format of a therapist using elaborately contrived scenarios to help his patients survive the sort of schedule that requires having 90% of the action take place in 2-3 rooms.

WHERE WILL IT AIR? Right now there is no commitment from a specific broadcaster, though many are saying that TBS is the most likely candidate since they've done business with Debmar-Mercury on the Tyler Perry shows. Are they willing to take a bet on Sheen, especially with the costs that will be associated with the show?

WHY? Seriously why. Yes, I know he's famous, yes I know he just left a #1 sitcom, but let's look at the simple facts.

1. He's hard to work with.

2. He's expensive to work with.

3. The audience is pretty damn sick of him, his antics, and his withered emaciated face that looks like a meth addict after 6 rounds with Mike Tyson in his prime. Sure, he sold tickets to his live shows, but those people were there to see if he would die on stage, and I'm talking literal, not show-biz figurative dying.

I guess another question will be "Why am I even bothering with this issue?" Something will pop up to screw this all up, either that or Sheen himself will blow it.

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  1. Look at Demi Lovato, has issues went to treatment for it. Now she is poised for a comeback, had a single debut at #1. Here is the difference between her and Mr Sheen. Demi cares about her recovery and health. Even when she was still suffering she was still capable of coming to work on time and doing the job.