Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Hollywood Babble On & On #813: RANDOM SNARK ATTACK!!!

Bit of a slow news day, so it's time to unleash another barrage of the vitriolic snarking that you all know and love...

1.  I was shocked and appalled to hear that TV shrieker Nancy Grace had a wardrobe malfunction during Dancing With The Stars.  Not about the nip slip, accidents happen, but that Nancy Grace is considered a "star."

2.  Andy Rooney will retire from 60 Minutes. He first made his name as a reporter when he asked: "What did you think of the play Mrs. Lincoln?"

3. Michelle Rodriguez will be joining Milla Jovovich in the 5th installment of the seemingly undead Resident Evil movie franchise.  Which struck me as odd considering she was in the first Resident Evil movie, and was killed off.  

Another thing that struck me as odd was why was I expecting a scintilla of logic in a Resident Evil movie?

4.  NBC is planning to stream episodes of  their new sitcom Whitney on the internet and will not stop until they are paid....


The bastards.

Speaking of poor bastards, is it just me or does the guy in the Whitney ads....
...look like he really wishes he had a better agent?

Not to say he looks unhappy, but the wardrobe department won't let him have any belts or shoelaces.

Anyway, let's hope there's some business like story I can rant and rage about tomorrow.


  1. Since I had not heard of "Whitney" I went and looked it up at once. And I read this:

    "Whitney and Alex try to have a relationship on their own terms - in a world that expects a more traditional approach."

    Everything about that sentence sounds like a crashing bore. I mean, it would hold at least a MINIMAL amount of interest if, say, Whitney and Alex were all super-prim and traditional, while surrounded by friends and families who were hipsters, goths, and slackers. But as written? Gag.

  2. Also, I note in anger more than sorrow that despite promises, Mr. D did not in fact post one of my awesome movie's trailers.


  3. I will get around to it.

  4. Whitney's husband must be getting combat pay or something. It looks like that much fun! Even my wife a sitcom aholic, hated the ads.

    And about Nancy Grace, no she is not a star and oh, the humanity, can you imagine any of her anatomy on display? Ugh, her head is bad enough.

  5. At least Whitney only looked completely boring. Furious D's favored film, "Bucky Larson" seemed actively offensive.

  6. I thought I said that we shall never speak of that abomination that goes by the initial's "BL" ever again.

  7. You said YOU would never speak of it again.


    Thusly, in the most juvenile manner possible, I display both my independence and the fact that I am not fit for independence.