Wednesday, 28 September 2011

The Whisperer In Darkness -- Trailer

Here is the trailer for The Whisperer In Darkness, a micro-budget adaptation of HP Lovecraft's classic tale of supernatural/alien/inter-dimensional terror, done in the style of the films of the 1930s.


  1. Woew! This looks like it will be a TERRIFIC movie!! I can't wait for it to come out on DVD!

    Might be the greatest movie trailer I've ever seen, which means it must be the greatest MOVIE, too! Yowza!!

    Also I hear one of its executive producers is a LEGEND.

  2. Dirty McDingus Sez:
    Bought the first one and it aint bad~ looking forward to the newest one to END THIS YEAR.. perhaps forever~~~~~~

  3. This looks like they did it right and on a 'microbudget'. I like that. If it is successful that means there'll be more of them.

  4. The Whisperer in Darkness cost us about $350,000 to make. Does that count as "microbudget"? The Call of Cthulhu movie, which I did not participate in, cost about $50,000 and made back its investment in only a few weeks, sold exclusively as dvds online.

    HPLHS already plans to do more movies. While anything is possible, this one appears to be successful so far. It has been shown in film fests all across the globe all summer long. This next week it's in Colorado and Rhode Island.

    We were not accepted to Sundance or Slamdance, perhaps because we weren't edgy or something. As Ken Begg said, "dude, you didn't even HAVE Parker Posey in your movie."

  5. Jesus! Are you the Sandy Petersen? The one that made the CoC game I played like twenty years ago?

    I loved that. I still have it somewhere. That scared the hell out of a whole generation of my family. We actually had one guy scream when his character met another one of the investigators on a foggy night while searching for a possible vampire.

    Really good times.

  6. Sandy--
    By Hollywood standards any amount under $10,000,000 is considered "micro budget." ;-)

  7. I've seen WitD twice, and it's spectacular. As I've mentioned to Sandy several times, if the (snort) SyFy Channel had a lick of sense, they would be licensing movies like this whenever and wherever they could find them. On the other hand, then they'd have less time for wrestling.

  8. Rainforest: I am indeed the same Sandy Petersen who wrote the Call of Cthulhu roleplaying game about 30 years ago. Now I am the Sandy Petersen who does video games, but I still get flown out to conventions on the basis of the old CoC game. Also I am executive producer on one (1) movie, which puts me in the IMDb. I also get a credit as Brain Cylinder Test Specimen, which I value even more highly.