Friday, 21 October 2011


I'm collecting questions about pop culture and the business behind it to answer on this very blog! 

This is your chance to dip your proverbial pen into the vast inkwell of my wisdom.  If I can't answer your question, I will fake it in the pompous and self-important way that you have all come to know and love!

So if there's anything you want to know, need to have explained to you, or if there's something that you know will provoke one of my blood boiling verbal rages, go right ahead and leave it in the comments!

I'm aiming to post the answers to your questions, probably next Friday, so get asking!


  1. I learned through a random factoid encountere on the interwebs today that an actress who caused strange yearnings for me as a lad is 81.

    Does this make me old?

    (For the record, I'm talking about Grace Lee Whitney, Yeoman Rand from the original Star Trek)

  2. Where does the money come from for a big Hollywood movie? If film companies can invest 215 million in a cowboy movie, then how does a single film bomb do so much damage? I understand that Heaven's Gate, Ishtar, and Slither all threatened to or caused companies to go bankrupt. What is going on here? Do companies live close to the bone?

  3. Do you think the new Muppet movie will be DOA?

  4. Also, how are movies based on still-running TV shows made?

  5. Now that diminishing home video revenues are failing to paper over the industry's poor business model, how do the Hollywood film studios as presently constituted keep going?

    On a related note, given commercial 'zapping' and continuing audience fragmentation, how do the broadcast networks continue while relying upon a business model developed back in the days when 90% of America watched but three networks?

  6. One quick question ‘what advice would you give to Mel Gibson on making a comeback.

  7. Furiously,

    They make 'chick flicks' but do they make any men's movies anymore. What I mean by that is movies like 'They Came to Cordura', 'The Wild Bunch' and more recently 'Master and Commander'. Movies without women in them. Plenty of movies where men are only props on Lifetime channel but few men movies. In fact, Master and Commander is the last movie I saw without a speaking female role.

    Since the 'warrior woman' fetish became so mainstream it's hard to find a movie that does not have a Michelle Rodriguez type who is tougher than the men. What's the chance that meme will die as well? I am sick of watching a 90 lb. 'Buffy' type beat up 300 lb. Dwayne Johnson look-a-like.

  8. I thought I was up on all the Hollywood jargon, but a couple of weeks ago I got tripped up by the term "with penalty" (and thank you for answering my tweet about that!)

    Now I have another question: what is a "put pilot"?

  9. Why is Sam Mendes directing the next Bond movie?

    I was about to pose that as a rhetorical question on your "non-action rumor" post when I realized I really want to know.

  10. What do you think of the nihilism that is prevalent in so many of todays films. Can you give an example of a good nihilistic film.

  11. Furious type person.

    Is the flood of remade rebooted reimagining’s just a normal cycle of the business taken to extremes or something new caused by how the business has evolved and in either case what will it take for studios to start backing more original projects?

    And while we're at it are reports of the demise of 3d greatly exaggerated or is the gimmick really dying off?