Thursday, 20 October 2011

Hollywood Babble On & On #825: Proven Right Yet Again...

The weather outside is dreadful.  It's dark, cloudy, and the rain is coming down like God and the Angels are pissing on Earth after a pretty harsh beer bender.

However, inside my humble hovel, it's all sunshine and smiles.


Because I've been proven right again, and since I'm a Grand Master of the International Union of Smug Know It Alls I'm going to take that opportunity to gloat like a bastard.

On the 16th of May 2010, I posted a blog about film-making siblings David and Larry Lana Wachowski and their attempt to find financing for a new film about a gay love affair between an American soldier and an Iraqi civilian, that, according to some reports, leads to an attempt to assassinate George W. Bush.

I explained how the odds of anyone investing in the film expecting any kind return were super-slim because of a combination of a really small niche market for that kind of film, and filmmakers known for really big budgets and diminishing returns.

I also predicted that the whole project was a scam, a hoax, a big fat act of bamboozlement.

They'd make their pitch for their Hard-R gay-love-anti-war-anti-Bush movie, and everyone in Hollywood would have to listen to their pitch, partly out of their past record, but also out of a sense of political correctness.  The money people would listen, then offer a polite "What else have you got?" and then the Wachowskis would sigh, act like the sacrificing artist trapped in a medium run by heartless penny pinchers, and pitch the more commercial project they probably really wanted to make.  The Wachowskis get some street cred as "auteurs" and the money people are more welcoming to a project that seems positively blockbuster by comparison.

Well guess what just happened.

The Wachowskis are returning to science-fiction action filmmaking with a project called Jupiter Ascending, which, though mostly kept secret, seems positively blockbuster by comparison to their other project.

Now let's go to the Wachowskis for a comment on all this....
That's right, I am onto your little game.


  1. A gay-friendly anti-Bush Iraq war movie? Wow. How hokey can you get? For a place that claims to be all modern and hip, Hollywood sure seems like it lives in the past.

  2. I want to know is how much will this Jupiter film cost and how much will it SUCK?

  3. Couldn't they have set it in Vietnam and made the president-to-be-assassinated be Richard Nixon?
    As the incredibly robust box office totals for Frost/Nixon show, Middle America just can't get enough of hating on a guy who was President forty ago. Sure, the people making the film would be accused of pandering to middle class tastes, but hey, it's a business, too.*

    [*Also, you could have a scene where a massively drunk, young George W. Bush look-a-like is dragged screaming to a fighter plane, while yelling, "No, I won't do it! I'm too much of a coward and a hypocrite, and also I'm extremely stupid!"]