Friday, 27 January 2012


That's right kiddies!  Here's another chance for you to drink of the bottomless well that is my wisdom!

If you have a question about pop culture and the business behind it, then leave it here in the comments, and I'll answer it some time next week.

While you're composing your questions take a gander at these groovy fan-made titles for The Dark Knight Rises.  Makes you feel that more movies need creative title sequences.

The Dark Knight Rises - Opening Credits Project from Doğan Can Gündoğdu on Vimeo.

Get asking!


  1. Contra Glove28/1/12 1:26 pm

    What do you think can bring the American comic industry back to respectability? Much has been written about the Marvel/DC superhero rut, and manga didn't have a snowball's chance in Jamaica of turning things around, since it was a foreign import. I think Seven Seas Entertainment has the right idea, but they seem too dependent on the anime/manga crowd, and the turnaround times for their 150-pagers are way too long.

  2. Why does OWN seem to be getting more bad press than Discovery's other "underperforming" joint venture network, The Hub? You'd think a channel based around mostly toy brands would be more shameless than one based around a TV personality. Yes, the Hub has My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, but that's mostly watched by adult fans pirated.

  3. Got another one: what made Asperger's syndrome the current media favorite disorder?

  4. What are your thoughts on this recent trend of single-name rebranding? Do you think it's really because it pops up better on a smart phone? (Like people actually care)

  5. Blast Hardcheese31/1/12 11:46 am

    Here's one: Have you seen "The Artist" yet? Yeah, yeah, it sounds like every other pretentious POS artie film out there...but no.
    It has something that I didn't realize I've been missing in today's movies - a complete lack of cynicism. It's optimistic about people, and doesn't have a mean bone in its body. I recommend seeing it in a crowd - wierdly enough, seeing a silent film with other people makes it that much better.

  6. On my newly-released movie, we wanted subtitles. By paying absolutely nothing and organizing fans of the film, we were able to get subtitles in 23 languages. No fooling. Now, if we'd paid for the translations, we would have had fewer, because we are penniless indies, but still. I bet we could have had decent subtitles for a few thousand bucks.

    So why do movies have such limited subtitle features? It's easy enough to get them, as we proved.

    A related question is, why doesn't hollywood hire Real Dancers when they need people to dance in a scene? Professional dancers are impoverished, so you can hire them cheap. Why is it that I see such crappy dancing in most hollywood films, even when it's supposed to be pros dancing on stage or elsewhere? Don't film producers have a telephone they can use to dial up and get all the dancers?

  7. Have you heard that NBC's "edgier" Munsters remake is now known as Mockingbird Lane? Is that even from the original show?