Thursday, 27 December 2012

Post Xmas Message: I Need Your Questions!

Ask the wise sage anything.
I hope you all had a great Christmas. Since most news will be about box office or award-speculating I'm going to do another Question & Answer blog.

So if you have any pop-culture and business questions, drop them in the comments.


  1. Rainforest Giant here,

    Okay, I'll bite. First, have you seen the new hobbit? Technical question, how much do the new 3D and frame rate cost in comparison to standard processes? What do audiences think? Is it worth the trouble and expense? Did the new processes add anything to the experience?

    What is the future of 3D?


  2. What do you think would be risker for a major studio: 2 John Carters or 20 Zyzzyx Roads?

  3. John Paulson29/12/12 5:13 pm

    Have a friend who worked on "Hot Fuzz" in some back of the way technical part/ behind the scenes aspect. He was talking about the filming and how the whole set was a good and fun time. People laughed and joked together, the big name people and the nobodies, name too. I was wondering does the atmosphere on the set effect the quality of movie? I thought "Hot Fuzz" was a good movie.

    So if the actors and other people have fun making a movie does if reflect the movie quality, production, acting, how it is received and so on. Cause I look back and I see some movies that you know that one must have been hard and difficult to do, because it looks like everyone just filmed it for the money or just to to do it.

  4. Book VS Movie.

    I've always liked the book better when the book came first. (Movie adapted from the book)

    I've almost always liked the book better when the movie came first (Novelization of the Movie) but there have been occasions...

    So. Is it just me or is the written word better at getting a story across?

    I'm not giving examples cause I'm not looking for arguments/flame wars. It's just my experience with movies/novels

  5. Oh, and I should probably note that my preference for novels falls squarely in the Science Fiction/Fantasy Genre.

    I'm not qualified to have an opinion on other genres.

  6. Would you say movies like Hotel Transylvania and Madagascar 3 out-grossing Frankenweenie and Rise of the Guardians reflect what kids want to see, or what their caretakers think they want to see?

  7. Why did HBO cancel "Luck", one of its most-recently-launched prestige series? The official reason was that a couple of horses died. Btu that struck me as absurd, almost ridiculously absurd, as though it were flimsy wallpaper covering up the real reason. HBO wouldn't have pulled the plug on something like that- with major stars like Dustin Hoffman, and a proven (if eccentric and problematic) showrunner like David Milch, after putting in millions. Ratings aren't really the issue at HBO, like they would have been for a broadcast network, plus the show was designed to have a slowly-developing plot.

    So what's the real story? Was Milch the issue (Deadwood never finished in part because of his notoriously last-minute work habits)? Star tantrums? Turf battle among HBO execs? Inquiring minds want to know.

  8. Why did so many people believe Disney could buy Hasbro after Lucasfilm?