Wednesday, 19 February 2014


If you have a pop culture/business question, just leave it in the comments and I will answer it some time next week when I have enough questions.


  1. 1) There is a story that Least I Could Do, a webcomic was going to be made into an animated series. Ryan Sohmer (the creator) had signed a deal with Tele Toon for 13 episodes of Least I Could Do, when suddenly notes from the higher-ups started coming in. Notes that said the show needed to "feel more Canadian," that the setting should be specifically in Toronto, that Issa should be an Inuit, that Mick should wear a Toronto Maple Leafs shirt and that Rayne and Noel should go out fishing instead of on walks. Why these suggestions?

    2) I agree with you about the need for content in entertainment. I'd love to create things and give actors and artists and all a fair deal, but it looks like the culture has become so toxic, it's nigh impossible to get anything working without enough suspicion and lawyers to further the problem with creating shows/properties/etc. Is there any hope or solution to be found? (especially if you're not that rich)

    3) I was reading through the b-masters cabal when Liz Kingsley said: "the MFTVMs [Made for TV Movies] of this era were, at worst, always professional works; the directors, the writers and the actors involved were the kind of solid, reliable types that just don’t seem to have a place in the entertainment industry any longer, more’s the pity. As a consequence, a remarkable number of these rapidly-shot, inexpensively produced little movies hold up astonishingly well; and some, indeed, are wonderful and memorable by any standard." Whatever happened to this professionalism and competency in Hollywood? Might we ever see it return?

  2. Add to number 3 from above: There were a large number of NOT LARGE BUDGET movies made in the 70s and 80s that were quite good movies that people went to see. Movies staring Charles Bronsen and Clint Eastwood, for example. So what's the issue with going back to that model instead of the GIANT BLOCKBUSTER EVENT MOVIE?
    Maybe the failure of four or five summer blockbuster would return us to that time, is that so bad and why is Hollywood grousing over the possibility?