Sunday, 23 February 2014

Hollywood Babble On & On #1122: This Time We'll Do It Right!

Okay, let's look at the PROS & CONS!!!


1. NBC is looking at the anticipation over a sequel miniseries to the Fox series 24, and saying "ME TOO!"

2. Heroes was a monster hit in its first season in 2006, and was a major "water cooler" show.


1. The Fox series 24 was retired the show still had fans who wanted to see more of Jack and Chloe killing terrorists.

2. When Heroes was cancelled it had become synonymous with how the major networks screw up not only serialized dramas, but science-fiction/fantasy premises.

3. The bulk of the show's initial audience had given up on the show somewhere in the second season, but since NBC was struggling for any viewers at the time, the show lasted 4 seasons of diminishing returns. The only return that wasn't diminishing was the resentment viewers had at the show for getting their hopes up and wasting their time.

In a related story, here's NBC's new logo...

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  1. Rainforest Giant23/2/14 11:28 pm

    Heroes is best for a miniseries maybe a stretch of them. Short distict comicbook length stories.