Monday, 19 May 2014

Hollywood Babble On & On #1149: Fall TV Preview NBC!

2014-15 NBC Schedule
(New programs in UPPER CASE & BOLD; all times ET)


8-10 PM – The Voice

10-11 PM - The Blacklist / STATE OF AFFAIRS (beginning Nov. 17) State of Affairs stars ex-Grey's Anatomy co-star and failed movie star Katherine Heigl as the president's top CIA analyst. Premise sounds ripe for lots of self-important speeches being made by a star that's more well known for making lots of flops, and for being hard to work with than for appealing to the audience.


8-9 PM - The Voice

9-9:30 PM - MARRY ME - From what I've been able to gather, the premise is about an overly cutesy couple constantly looking for the right moment for a marriage proposal, and having that moment ruined. They should just break up.

9:30-10 PM - About a Boy

10-11 PM - Chicago Fire


8-9 PM - THE MYSTERIES OF LAURA - Debra Messing's a divorced mom who has to balance her job as a detective, under her ex-husband, and her annoying children. The writing better snap-crackle-and-pop if this is going to stand out among all the other procedurals.

9-10 PM - Law & Order: SVU

10-11 PM - Chicago P.D.


8-9 PM - The Biggest Loser

9-9:30 PM - BAD JUDGE  A sitcom about a hard-living, opinionated judge who ends up taking care of an 8 year old whose parents she imprisoned. Pack your insulin because it's gonna get sweet.

9:30-10 PM - A TO Z - Another cutesy relationship comedy about mismatched lovebirds. Feh.

10-11 PM - Parenthood / ALLEGIANCE - A bright young CIA analyst learns that his parents are Russian sleep agents that the Putin regime has reactivated. If they don't have some sort of narrative master plan this premise could easily become a repetitive mess. 


8-9 PM - Dateline NBC

9-10 PM - Grimm

10-11 PM - CONSTANTINE - Based on the DC/Vertigo comic book about John Constantine, a sorcerer and con-artist battling demons and trying to avoid damnation. The trailer looks good, which means there's a chance the show could be good, and NBC will cancel it quickly.


8-11 PM - Encore programming


7-8:20 PM - Football Night in America

8:20-11:30 PM – NBC Sunday Night Football


MISSION CONTROL - It's basically Anchorman set during the time of Mad Men at the location of The Right Stuff. Feh.

MR. ROBINSON - Comedian Craig Robinson plays a hip musician who takes a job as a hip music teacher. If the show fails to capitalize on Robinson's charm and style it will flop.

ONE BIG HAPPY - A guy gets engaged to another woman after artificially inseminating his lesbian best friend. Hilarity ensues.

UNBREAKABLE KIMMY SCHMIDT - A girl raised by an isolated cult heads to make her name in the big city of New York. Lotta fish out of water gags.

A.D. - The sequel to The History Channel's miniseries of The Bible. Because we all know Hollywood handles religion so well.

EMERALD CITY - A modern dress retelling of the Wizard of Oz. Feh.


ODYSSEY - A lot of characters, a lot of plot twists, and somewhere around the middle of the season the plot will start flailing because they don't know what to do next.

Personally, I'm not exactly thrilled by these new shows. With the cancellation of Community the only show I watch on NBC is Hannibal, and I'm not expecting that to change any time soon.

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