Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Hollywood Babble On & On #1150: Fall TV Preview FOX!

2014-15 Fox Schedule
(New programs in UPPER CASE & BOLD; all times ET/PT)


8-9 PM – GOTHAM - A show about DC's most infamous fictional city during Batman's adolescence. All I can say is that Ben MacKenzie who stars as the young detective Jim Gordon better start rocking the stache, and soon.

9-10 PM – Sleepy Hollow


8-9 PM – UTOPIA - Some sort of reality show about people trying to create a utopia. Like all other utopias it will fail miserably, but provide lots of cheap melodrama for television.

9-9:30 PM – New Girl

9:30-10 PM – The Mindy Project


8-9 PM – Hell’s Kitchen

9-10 PM – RED BAND SOCIETY - New drama about a bunch of good looking teens bonded by terminal illness. Expect them to start dropping like flies when it comes time to renegotiate their contracts.


8-9 PM – Bones

9-10 PM – GRACEPOINT - An American adaptation of the British smash Broadchurch about a seaside town rocked by the murder of a young boy that promises to go in new directions from the original. It stars David Tennant, who starred in the British original which is also getting a second season. That means that he's playing the same character on two shows in two countries more or less simultaneously. That's some serious time-lord shit.


8-9 PM – Masterchef Junior

9-10 PM – UTOPIA - More Utopia falling apart.


7-10:30 PM – Fox Sports Saturday


7-7:30 PM – NFL Game

7-8 PM – Bob’s Burgers

8-8:30 PM – The Simpsons

8:30-9 PM – Brooklyn Nine-Nine

9-9:30 PM – Family Guy

9:30-10 PM – MULANEY - A sitcom about a comedian's off stage life. It's like the 90s have returned!


BACKSTROM - Americanization of a Swedish book series about a hard living overweight and "politically incorrect" detective named Everett Backstrom. Not sure how "politically incorrect" he will be.

EMPIRE - Drama about the music industry, because network television wants the world to know about an industry more dysfunctional than their own. Much is being made about how Lee Daniels, who made The Butler, was behind its creation, but I don't really see him giving up his movie career to become a showrunner.

HIEROGLYPH - Sexy show about sexy ancient Egyptians doing sexy things. A big sexy Feh from me.

WAYWARD PINES - A Twin Peaks rip-off tribute from M. Night Shyamalan starring Matt Dillon. Expect a really lame, heavily telegraphed twist for the ending, and that twist will be early cancellation.

THE LAST MAN ON EARTH - Will Forte is the only star as the only person left alive on Earth. Everybody else is dead and he will die alone, slowly, and in agony when a small cut turns septic. It's a sitcom.

WEIRD LONERS - A bunch of modern misanthropes are forced to socialize, hilarity ensues.


  1. Furious,

    this is a little off topic, but wanted to get your opinion (if you've seen it yet) -


    Having been a lifelong fan of Godzilla in his various forms and series of films, I am keenly interested in the new film and where it might lead.
    Your thoughts?

  2. I haven't seen Godzilla yet, since the nearest theatre is about an hour away. But I've heard some good reviews, and as for where it might lead, well…

    One word: GODZUKI!