Monday, 2 May 2011

For Fans Of Studio Notes For Literary Classics!

Did you love my Studio Notes for Classic Literature, where I showed just how Hollywood executives would treat the books you've loved?

Well, now you can have all of them, and one or two extras, to show your friends without whipping out your laptop and Googling for them.

That's right, THEY ARE NOW A BOOK!

Over 120 drippings from my brain pain are now
available to have gracing your bookshelf to amaze your friends, and make your family concerned for your sanity!

There's the SUPER DELUXE EDITION with fancy fonts, graphics, and a couple of hidden extra notes, available from for $39.97

Or, if you're like me, and skint, you can get the CHEAP EDITION, also from for $10.93. It's not as fancy, but it's got heart.

Now you can give me money, and get something back for it! So buy the damn book!


  1. Dang, it's a dollar per page for that deluxe version. And my instinct is to get it because I love these. But I'm already trying to save up to get your tshirts.

    Damn you sir! Looks like another month of ramen noodles...

  2. Get spending, and don't mind the rickets.

    But seriously, the mark-up, or piece that I get from either book is actually the same. So get the cheap edition. Just buy more copies to give as gifts. :)

  3. But part of me is really, really curious what's in the deluxe edition (though for the price, it better come with a hooker).

    Maybe after mother's day, I'll be able to get that and 2 of your t-shirts.